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The Serpent-01H is a 3 Percolator, single column water pipe designed for the smoothest hits on earth. Smoke traveling through the Serpent-01 has to traverse a maze of almost 5 feet in length before it reaches your lungs. Combining efficient percolator design with CFD tested thermodynamic principals the Serpent-01H not only cools the smoke to protect your lungs, but ensures the taste of your favorite flower or wax is untainted. Due to our advanced manufacturing techniques several of the percolators in the Serpent-01H are impossible to produce in a traditional blown glass piece, meaning the Serpent-01H is the only water pipe on earth where you can experience them.

This water pipe is also the only one on earth that is truly easy to clean, simply remove the glass and either scrub with IsoPropyl Alcohol or throw all the parts in your dishwasher!

Accepts any borosilicate bowl (dry herb), Quartz Nail (Wax), or E-Nail that fits a 14mm taper. 

Did we mention you can put the entire pipe in the fridge for some icy-cold hits?


  • 2 x 360 Degree tree Perc (Patent Pending)
  • 1 x Offset Swiss style Perc
  • 1 x Serpent Path

What is included:

  • 1 x Serpent-01H Water Pipe
  • 2 x Serpent-01H Quick detach legs
  • 1 x Borosilicate bowl for dry-herb
  • 2 x Borosilicate MouthPieces
  • 1 x Glass removal tool
  • 1 x User guide
  • 1 x Swag Bag